Case Results

Sampling of Case Results on Behalf of Our Clients

$350,000 recovered for a Los Angeles tenant who was wrongfully evicted by landlords who said they were going to move into a single tenant’s unit.  The landlords moved a friend into the unit instead.

$500,000 recovered for a family of three, including two elderly and disabled tenants, from a rent-controlled, unpermitted unit in San Francisco.  Plaintiffs were forced to endure a rat infestation, lack of heat, and damp conditions.  After a sixteen-year tenancy, landlords evicted Plaintiffs without just cause to sell the property vacant for profit.

$150,000 recovered for two tenants of twenty years who was forced out of their rent-controlled home in West Hollywood.  For years, the tenants dealt with severe maintenance issues, including water leaks, water damage, infestations, and sewage backups.  On top of these uninhabitable conditions, the property was overrun with vagrants.  

$100,000 recovered for single tenant constructively evicted from an eight-unit building in Oakland due to security issues, including vagrants in the parking area loitering, stealing, or doing drugs. There was also repeated stealing of the main door key that is locked in tin box outside for the letter carrier. 

$115,000 recovered for a transgender tenant constructively evicted from their home of thirteen years by harassment and discrimination from the landlord.

$495,000 recovered for an elderly, thirty-year tenant who was constructive evicted by no heat, no stove, and no hot water.  Landlord also harassed the tenant, stating that he would terminate the tenancy and sell.

$500,000 recovered for a single mom and two adult children constructively evicted from a duplex in Oakland by repair issues and severe landlord harassment and retaliation.  Landlord entered the property without notice, mocked disabled daughter, and told Plaintiffs to move when they asked for repairs.

$125,000 recovered for a single mother and adult daughter forced out from a fourteen-year, Section 8 tenancy in Oakland.  Repairs included a mouse and rat infestation, water leaks, electrical hazards, and general dilapidation. Vagrants sold drugs, fired guns, threatened Plaintiffs, and partied all night in Plaintiffs’ yard.

$300,000 recovered for fourteen-year, single tenant wrongfully evicted from a duplex in Oakland.  Landlord engaged in targeted harassment of tenant, including repeated trespasses, refusal to accept rent, demands to vacate without just cause, illegal buyout offers, and an illegal rent increase.  This was all done to get him to vacate his below-market home.  When none of this worked, the landlords, terminated the tenancy under the false pretense of an owner move-in.

$245,000 recovered for a single mother and two minor children constructively evicted from a below-market unit in San Francisco.  Plaintiffs lived with serious health and safety hazards that exacerbated their disabilities, as well as trespasses, nuisances, and rampant crime and violence.  Ultimately, these issues caused them to vacate their home and community of thirteen years.

$250,000 recovered for multiple immigrant families in Richmond who were living with years of habitability defects.  The city red-tagged the units and the landlord told the tenants to move out without a written notice and without paying mandatory moving allowances. 

$300,000 recovered for a first-generation, immigrant couple living in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco with years of deplorable conditions, including no heat, water leaks, clogged sinks, water damage, dilapidated bathtub, a rodent infestation, and broken windows.  Corporate owners took over the property and refused to make repairs and repeatedly told the tenants to move out.  

$350,000 recovered for a couple who occupied a three-bedroom unit in Oakland for more than ten years.  The owner served a relative-move-in eviction notice.  After the tenants vacated, the owner remodeled the three-bedroom unit and re-rented.  

$287,500 recovered for two rental units displaced by fire but not offered unit back.

$190,000 recovered for a father and son who occupied a multi-unit property in San Francisco for nearly ten years.  Owner served an illegal thirty-day notice without just cause.  

$250,000 recovered for a single mother of three children in San Jose who endured habitability defects such as a termite infestation and black mold, on top of pervasive sexual harassment from her property manager.  

$250,000 recovered for a small immigrant family in Contra Costa County who lived with no heat, sewage overflows, and trash accumulation.  When the family threatened to withhold rent for the habitability defects, the property manager shut off the electricity and locked the family out.  Prior to the lockout, the family’s daughter also endured pervasive sexual harassment from the property manager.  

$270,000 recovered for two families in San Jose who endured severe habitability defects, including brown water, rodent infestations, consistent sewage backups and overflows, trash accumulation, non-functioning electrical, and mail theft, among other issues.  When the families complained, the landlord told them they were paying below-market for the units and demanded they vacate if they were so “unhappy”.

$250,000 recovered for an elderly and disabled tenant in Oakland who was wrongfully evicted from his unit by a real estate investment company. The investment company bought a three-unit property at foreclosure and evicted the prior owner residing in the front unit but failed to investigate the property for other tenants. The investment company then directed the Sheriff to lock out the elderly tenant and dispose of his personal property.

$392,500 recovered for a single tenant in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco who was forced to vacate their longtime home pursuant to a trumped-up owner-move-in eviction where landlord never lived in the unit as their principal place of residence and instead used the subject unit as a pied-a-terre.

$262,500 recovered on behalf of a single tenant was living in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco. His landlord began construction work without proper permits. Contractors repeatedly entered the tenant’s unit without written notice. The contractors removed all the drywall from an interior wall, leaving large holes that exposed the room to the outside. An interior support structure crashed down in the living room. The construction, which was supposed to take a couple of weeks, went on for months, rendering the apartment completely uninhabitable and forcing the tenant to vacate.

$212,500 awarded to Berkeley tenant wrongfully evicted so her landlord could remodel her unit to re-rent it for thousands of dollars more. Although the landlord provided a just cause to vacate by telling the tenant substantial repairs were necessary in her unit, he stalled on making repairs for nearly two years. During this time, the tenant bounced between temporary housing options, never able to commit to a long-term lease in the hopes that her landlord would offer her the unit back as required under the law. Eventually, the landlord stopped answering the tenant’s calls, and the tenant sued for wrongful eviction.

$700,000 recovered for a single San Francisco tenant who was wrongfully evicted from her rent-controlled unit after the owners threatened her with eviction for complaining about the property manager’s multi-year campaign of sexual harassment and failure to address habitability defects. The tenant was forced to move out of her home of eleven years.

$260,000 recovered in action brought against landlords for wrongfully evicting a single tenant from a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco pursuant to an owner-move-in eviction. The owners continued living in a house they owned down the street until the lawsuit was filed.

$305,000 recovered for a single tenant who lived in a rent-controlled unit in Oakland for ten years before a new owner bought the property and immediately served the tenant with a bad faith owner-move-in eviction notice. The landlord never moved in, and instead re-rented the unit for three times as much rent. The tenant was forced to live in a travel trailer for several months.

$200,000 recovered on behalf of a family who endured deplorable conditions in their single-family home in Oakland. The family lived without heat for six months, with a massive cockroach infestation, multiple leaky ceilings, dysfunctional outlets, a broken refrigerator, multiple raw sewage floods, multiple water leaks, and a severe surface contaminant problem.

$400,000 recovered in action brought against a landlord in San Francisco who failed to make repairs and abate several Notices of Violation issued by the City.  Instead, the landlord harassed the tenants in attempts to force them to leave the rent-controlled unit they occupied for three decades.  As a result of the landlord’s failure to repair, one of the tenants fell and suffered serious personal injuries requiring hospitalization.

$384,905 recovered in action brought against landlord and property managers who failed to maintain a San Joaquin County mobile home park in habitable condition.  Seven park residents suffered with third-world conditions for years as the landlords failed to remedy numerous violations issued by the State.  Habitability and security issues included squatters living in tents and abandoned vehicles, heaps of trash and debris throughout the park, vandalized electrical and gas facilities, sewage leaks, and lack of natural gas for eight months, which left some of the tenants without hot water, stoves, or heat.

Defense Verdict on behalf of a twenty-year San Francisco tenant who was being evicted by a landlord under a nuisance theory.  After a five-day trial, the jury returned a 11 to 1 verdict in our favor.

$1.2 million plus recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain Sonoma County mobile home park in habitable condition.  Fifty park residents suffered with black, oily water for more than twenty years.  The landlord could have attached to City water for a nominal cost, but refused to do it.  Other habitability issues included park flooding, sewage leaks, broken fences, open ditches, and rats.  Instead of making requested repairs the landlord blamed and harassed the tenants.

$225,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain an SRO building in San Francisco where individual rooms were rented out with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.  The five plaintiffs suffered from collapsed ceilings, no heat, mice, bedbugs, filthy common area bathrooms and kitchen, and an unsecured building that led to frequent trespassing by homeless persons and drug-addicts.

$425,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to offer a rent-controlled unit back to tenants after post-fire repairs were completed.  Instead of complying with the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and allowing the long-term tenants to return to the property, the landlords re-rented the unit to a third-party for thousands more per month.

$315,000 recovered on behalf of a single tenant who was forced out of his rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco when the landlord posted dozens of notes illegally demanding he move out in response to his complaints about lack of heat and unlawful rent increases.

$500,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain a two-unit building in Fremont in Alameda County.  The three tenants had sewage overflows, yellow water, termites, rats, and no heat.

$200,000 recovered for single tenant in San Francisco who was evicted pursuant to a relative move-in eviction when the relative never moved in.

$250,000 plus recovered in action brought against landlord who wrongfully evicted a family from a rent-controlled unit in San Francisco.

$625,000 awarded to married couple and their elderly neighbor forced out of two apartments in a multi-unit property in Richmond after their landlord refused to address nuisance behavior by neighbors, including sex trafficking and drug sales.

$245,000 secured for Oakland tenants, a mother and her adult son who endured habitability defects for several years including lack of heat, water intrusions, and malfunctioning appliances. Tenants remained in possession of the apartment after the settlement and the landlord was required to make repairs.

$450,000 secured for three tenants in Oakland who endured severe harassment from on-site landlord including death threats, kicking Plaintiffs’ doors, banging on the walls, trying to run over tenants with a car, and setting the property on fire.

$550,000 awarded to couple wrongfully evicted from San Francisco unit after ten years for an owner move in. Property was immediately sold and new owners re-rented the unit.

$300,000 secured for a married couple with three-year tenancy wrongfully evicted from a two-unit property in Oakland. Landlords terminated their tenancy for capital improvements then failed to offer the unit back and listed it for sale. Tenants endured habitability issues, including construction nuisances for one year.

$360,000 secured for an elderly tenant wrongfully evicted from three-unit property in Oakland by real estate investment company.  Investment company owner foreclosed on home and evicted prior owner of property that lived in front unit but failed to investigate property for other tenants.  Investment company then directed the Sheriff to lock elderly tenant out of his unit and dispose of his personal property.

$350,000 secured for two tenants evicted from duplex in Oakland. Owner falsely claimed she moved into the property but had several better living options available, failed to change her residency on any legal documents and her tax records showed zero personal use days for the subject property.

$385,000 awarded to African-American tenant of six years wrongfully evicted from an Oakland unit for a fraudulent relative move in. Plaintiff was also harassed by the landlord and his handyman and had severe habitability issues with outstanding Notices of Violation, r including water intrusions, cracked tiles, plumbing backups, insufficient heat, broken windows, and a broken shower door.

$325,000 recovered in a class action suit against landlords who charged excessive late rent fees throughout California.

$250,000 recovered for a family of four who were forced out of their rent-controlled Berkeley apartment when their landlord failed to offer the apartment back after a fire that destroyed their home.

$225,000 recovered for a couple who were wrongfully evicted from their rent-controlled apartment in a duplex in San Francisco after the owners said they wanted to move in but refused to pay relocation payments and instead re-rented the apartment.

$215,000 recovered for a couple who were wrongfully evicted from a rent-controlled unit in Oakland when their landlord told them to move out so she could sell.

$300,000 recovered for a single mother who lived in a single-family home for thirteen years until she was forced to become homeless due to consistent roof leaks and water intrusions throughout the tenancy.

$535,000 recovered for a family of six living in three separate neighboring units who were forced out due to landlord harassment and the landlord’s failure to address a rat infestation, a cockroach infestation, a dilapidated carpet, a leaky fridge, a leaky toilet, and lack of garbage cans.

$330,000 recovered on behalf of seven low-income tenants who were forced out of their rent-controlled units in an SRO building in San Francisco due to years of cockroaches, rats, mold, lack of security, sewage backups, toilet clogs, lack of heat, and dilapidated floors, windows, doors, and sinks.

$200,000 recovered for three roommates living in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco who lived with water leaks, excessive moisture, no kitchen sink, broken doors, broken windows, chipped paint, and insufficient heat.

$350,000 recovered for two Vietnamese immigrants who were wrongfully evicted from their individual rent-controlled rooms in a boarding house in San Francisco after the landlord gave them an illegal eviction notice and harassed them out.

$300,000 recovered for a single elderly, disabled tenant who was forced out of a single-family-home after thirty-three years when real estate developers purchased the house and demanded that he move out so they could flip the house.

$450,000 recovered for a single tenant who lived in a rent-controlled unit in Oakland for sixteen years with sewage overflows and a silverfish infestation.  Instead of providing a habitable home to the tenant, the landlord evicted her without just cause under the Oakland Rent Ordinance in order to sell the building at a greater profit.

$300,000 recovered for eighteen year San Francisco tenancy tenant who was forced out due severe habitability issues that the owner refused to address at the property.  The habitability issues included severe water leaks throughout the unit whenever it rained, an antiquated electrical and heating system, a rodent infestation and a rear deck that was so dangerous and unsafe that the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection issued a Notice of Violation.

$300,000 recovered for a mother and daughter were wrongfully evicted from their Section-8 tenancy in Oakland.  The landlord’s son consistently trespassed on the property with the landlord’s knowledge and threatened to rape and kill the daughter.  For months the mother and daughter lived in constant fear that the landlord’s son would harm them.

$1.25 million award for residents of a mobile home park who suffered years of deferred maintenance and landlord negligence resulting in enormous potholes in park, constantly malfunctioning sewage, gas, and electrical systems, vandalism, prostitution, and drug crimes throughout the park, and unstable mobile home pad foundations.

$440,000 secured for two Oakland tenants evicted from their home of two years so their landlord could sell the building vacant — a violation of the Oakland Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance.

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