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Case Results

Sampling of Case Results on Behalf of Our Clients

$400,000 recovered in action brought against a landlord in San Francisco who failed to make repairs and abate several Notices of Violation issued by the City.  Instead, the landlord harassed the tenants in attempts to force them to leave the rent-controlled unit they occupied for three decades.  As a result of the landlord’s failure to repair, one of the tenants fell and suffered serious personal injuries requiring hospitalization.

$134,000 awarded by jury to a couple who were harassed by a nuisance neighbor.  Trash accumulated on the property, and there was a rodent problem.  Defendants also promised to landscape the yard, but did not.  Plaintiffs were forced to vacate from their apartment of three years because of problems with the nuisance neighbor.  Defendants offered $20,000 for a dismissal before trial.  The jury unanimously found against landlord on all causes of action.

$384,905 recovered in action brought against landlord and property managers who failed to maintain a San Joaquin County mobile home park in habitable condition.  Seven park residents suffered with third-world conditions for years as the landlords failed to remedy numerous violations issued by the State.  Habitability and security issues included squatters living in tents and abandoned vehicles, heaps of trash and debris throughout the park, vandalized electrical and gas facilities, sewage leaks, and lack of natural gas for eight months, which left some of the tenants without hot water, stoves, or heat.

Defense Verdict on behalf of a twenty-year San Francisco tenant who was being evicted by a landlord under a nuisance theory.  After a five-day trial, the jury returned a 11 to 1 verdict in our favor.

 $1.2 million plus recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain Sonoma County mobile home park in habitable condition.  Fifty park residents suffered with black, oily water for more than twenty years.  The landlord could have attached to City water for a nominal cost, but refused to do it.  Other habitability issues included park flooding, sewage leaks, broken fences, open ditches, and rats.  Instead of making requested repairs the landlord blamed and harassed the tenants.

$225,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain an SRO building in San Francisco where individual rooms were rented out with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.  The five plaintiffs suffered from collapsed ceilings, no heat, mice, bedbugs, filthy common area bathrooms and kitchen, and an unsecured building that led to frequent trespassing by homeless persons and drug-addicts.

$190,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who terminated the tenants’ lease without just cause, as required by the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.  Tenants were forced to move out and suffered high rent-differential damages.

$425,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to offer a rent-controlled unit back to tenants after post-fire repairs were completed.  Instead of complying with the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and allowing the long-term tenants to return to the property, the landlords re-rented the unit to a third-party for thousands more per month.

$315,000 recovered on behalf of a single tenant who was forced out of his rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco when the landlord posted dozens of notes illegally demanding he move out in response to his complaints about lack of heat and unlawful rent increases.

$187,500 recovered on behalf of a couple who were wrongfully evicted from their San Francisco apartment when their landlord falsely claimed an owner would be moving in shortly.  In fact, the owner planned to sell the building.

$500,000 recovered in action brought against landlord who failed to maintain a two-unit building in Fremont in Alameda County.  The three tenants had sewage overflows, yellow water, termites, rats, and no heat.

$180,000 recovered on behalf of a family in South San Francisco who lived with no heat, sewage leaks, and a cockroach infestation.  There was no railing on a stairway where a minor fell and broke his arm.  The family sued their landlords for breach of the warranty of habitability, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and retaliatory eviction.

$195,000 recovered for family with sewage running under their mobile home in San Jose in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

$142,500 recovered for family living in an illegal in-law unit in San Jose after suffering from sewage floods, pest infestations, mold, lack of heat, unsealed windows, and harassment from management.

$200,000 recovered for single tenant in San Francisco who was evicted pursuant to a relative move-in eviction when the relative never moved in.

$82,500 recovered on behalf of a single tenant who had a noisy and abusive neighbor.

$80,000 recovered for two roommates in Oakland who lived for four years with no heat, water leaks, holes in ceilings, plumbing issues, sewage leaks, and weekly electrical blackouts.

$250,000 plus recovered in action brought against landlord who wrongfully evicted a family from a rent-controlled unit in San Francisco.

$90,000 recovered against landlord who failed to maintain single family home in Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.  The landlord refused to repair rat and mold infestations, large holes in the walls and floors, water leaks, inadequate heat, and electrical dimming and outages.  Each time the tenants asked for repairs, the landlord sent an illegal eviction notice.

$81,000 recovered against landlord for failing to disclose to new tenants that a rental home in Walnut Creek had been home to meth addicts and drug related activity.  The home had a major mold infestation, no heat and refuse from drug related activity.

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