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San Francisco Ellis Act Evictions

Ellis Evictions Under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance The Ellis Act allows a landlord to take a building off the rental market. See Cal. Gov’t Code § 7060. All units in the building are removed from the rental market, even units without tenants. The rental restrictions are on current and all subsequent owners. The landlord must record the restrictions with the Assessor-Recorder. Ellis Act Rental Restrictions For ten years after the Ellis, a unit will have rental restrictions.  Id.  The […]

San Francisco Just Cause Eviction

Eviction Protection in San Francisco If your apartment building was built before 1979 and has two or more units, then you are covered by the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.  The Rent Ordinance gives two protections:  rent protection and eviction protection.  Under the eviction protection portion of the Rent Ordinance, the landlord can only evict for one of 15 reasons – called just causes.  The landlord cannot evict without a just cause.  They cannot lock you out or throw your stuff […]

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