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New 2017 Tenant Laws

2017 ushered in a host of state and local laws that affect your legals rights as a tenant: New State Tenant Laws The California legislature enacted several laws protecting tenants, including creating new laws related to bed bugs, regulating condominium pesticide treatment notices and procedures, and augmenting rules pertaining to public accessibility of court records in unlawful detainer proceedings. AB-551 – “Bed Bug Law” (Effective 1/1/17) This law establishes a landlord’s duty to ensure prompt treatment and control of bed bugs. […]

Oakland Rent Control

Am I covered by Oakland Rent Control? The Oakland Residential Rent Adjustment Program applies to buildings with two or more units in Oakland that have a certificate of occupancy prior to January 1, 1983. However, the following units are not covered by the Oakland Rent Ordinance: 1. Dwelling units in subsidized housing, including units where tenants are using Section 8 vouchers; 2. Motels and boarding houses where the tenant has not been in continuous residence for thirty or more days; […]

Oakland Condo Conversion

Oakland Condominium Conversions Updated April 4, 2016 What buildings can be converted to condominiums in the City of Oakland?  In the City of Oakland, all buildings can be converted to condominiums.  If the building is located in the Lake Merritt District, the owner of the building must build new units to replace the units that are being converted.

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