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Oakland Condo Conversion

What buildings can be converted to condominiums in the City of Oakland? In the City of Oakland, all buildings can be converted to condominiums.  If the building is located in the Lake Merritt District, the owner of the building must build new units to replace the units that are being converted. Can the landlord increase rent during the condominium conversion process? A landlord may not increase a tenant’s rent for twelve months after the filing of the tentative map or… Read More »

Berkeley Condo Conversion

Berkeley Condominium Conversions Updated March 25, 2016 What is the maximum number of rental units that the City of Berkeley may approve for condominium conversion? For all condominium conversion applications submitted after January 1, 2009, no more than 100 rental units per year may be approved for condominium conversion, community apartments or stock cooperative units.  If the number of units approved for conversion in a given year is less than 100, the number for the following year is increased by… Read More »

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