Author: Joseph Tobener

City Of Concord Residential Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance

09, Tuesday 2022

In response to the increased attempts by some landlords to force tenants to vacate their homes through persistent aggressive, abusive, and intimidating means, Concord’s City Council recently passed the Residential Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance.  The law went into effect July 28, 2022.  To find out if you are protected under the new law, what constitutes harassment […]

Master Tenants are the Real Landlords of S.F.

22, Wednesday 2022

Having a ‘master tenant’ may be the only affordable way to rent in SF. It also comes with a lot of risk. Tenant Rights Law Firm, Tobener Ravenscroft LLP quoted in SFGate Read the full article about master tenants on SFGate

Culver City Rent Control And Tenant Protections

22, Wednesday 2022

The Culver City Rent Control Ordinance And Tenant Protections Ordinance: On October 30, 2020, the Culver City Rent Control Ordinance, which regulates how much a landlord can increase a tenant’s rent, and the Tenant Protections Ordinance, which prohibits evictions unless the landlord has a just-cause reason, went into effect.  The Tenant Protection Ordinance also prohibits […]

Meet Outstanding Graduate Emma Hyndman

10, Friday 2022

Emma Hyndman, ’22 UC Hastings Law Graduate, plans to work as a human rights lawyer helping those most in need of legal assistance. Emma did housing rights work for our firm which is Hastings alumni-founded. Read about Emma on the UC Hastings website

City Of Richmond Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance

24, Monday 2022

Know your rights as a tenant in the City of Richmond, California. Richmond has an Anti-Harassment ordinance and a Rent Control Ordinance.

Rent Control: City Of West Hollywood Rent Stabilization Ordinance

25, Thursday 2021

The City of West Hollywood’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance caps annual rent increases to a certain small percentage and limits evictions.

California's Eviction Ban Has Ended

02, Saturday 2021

California’s eviction moratorium has expired, allowing landlords to file evictions against tenants who fail to pay rent, despite the ongoing pandemic and other economic hardships. Tenant attorneys fear there will be a deluge of evictions if landlords and tenants don’t know their rights or seek out assistance. Read the full article on Fox KTVU

County Of Los Angeles Retaliatory Eviction And Anti-Harassment Ordinance

26, Sunday 2021

The County of LA enacted the Retaliatory Eviction & Anti-Harassment law. Tenants in unincorporated areas are protected from harassment detailed here.

County of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization And Tenant Protection Ordinance

26, Sunday 2021

The County of Los Angeles Rent Control regulates how much a landlord can increase a tenant’s rent, prohibits eviction of tenants in many cases, and more.

Some Bay Area Renters Remain Protected

25, Saturday 2021

As the California eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of the month, you may be wondering: am I protected for longer than that under Bay Area rules?  The answer depends on where you live. Read the full article on Fox KTVU

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