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Woman Shares Security Hack for Renters

25, Friday 2022

Posting to TikTok on Tuesday, a woman named Mercury Stardust—also known as the “Trans Handy Ma’am”—shared a now-viral security hack for renters who fear that someone may use a master key to enter their home without permission. Read the full post on NewsWeek >

The City Of Inglewood Residential Rent Regulations And Just Cause For Eviction Protections

30, Sunday 2022

The City of Inglewood Residential Rent Regulations Ordinance and Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance regulate how much a landlord can increase a tenant’s rent and prohibits evictions of tenants unless the landlord has a just-cause reason.  The ordinances also cover what types of evictions require relocation payments to tenants, prohibit harassment by landlords, and regulate […]

Failure to Prevent Crime

23, Monday 2017

A landlord can be held liable for the criminal conduct of third parties, including other tenants. CACI 1005. Criminal conduct includes assault, battery, theft, burglary, arson, rape, murder, vandalism, and property damage.

New TIC Condo Law

09, Wednesday 2013

September 28, 2013 The 2013 TIC condo conversion legislation has provided new rights to tenants in buildings with three or more units that are being converted to condominiums. Tenant laws relating to condominium conversion of two-unit buildings were unchanged by the new legislation. Tenants going through condominium conversion in larger buildings, however, will now have […]

Tenants and AirBnB

01, Tuesday 2013

Vacation Rentals Tenants who list their units as short-term vacation rentals (for example on the website AirBnB) are exposing themselves to eviction. Short-term rentals violate “no-sublet” clauses, and may be in violation of a San Francisco law prohibiting tourist use of rental units. In rent-controlled jurisdictions, landlords are searching online for tenants who are renting […]

Proving Bad Faith OMI

16, Tuesday 2010

Researching Your Landlord — Proving Bad Faith in an Owner Move-In Eviction or Capital Improvements Eviction (OMI is also sometimes referred to as relative move-in, OMI, LMI, or landlord move-in eviction) The best way to fight an Owner Move-In Eviction is to find out everything you can about the owner and the owner’s relatives, if […]

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