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Tobener Ravenscroft LLP is the leading tenant rights law firm in California and has been in business for twenty years. With offices in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Los Angeles, the firm focuses on wrongful evictions, intractable repair issues, landlord harassment, tenant discrimination, landlord sexual harassment, and landlord-caused injuries.

The law firm has recovered more than $50 million on behalf of tenants. They have helped more than 20,000 tenants and have a 99% success rate. The firm has won two law firm of the year awards in California and has been featured in California Lawyer, UC Hastings Magazine, and the Daily Journal. Its lawyers are routinely quoted in leading publications, such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, Wired, the Business Times, and Reuters. Both partners and four associates are Super Lawyers, an honor reserved for the top lawyers in California.

The firm is dedicated to community activism and sponsors all its tenant lawyers to volunteer weekly at tenant law nonprofits, equaling nearly 500 community hours each year. The firm’s attorneys are often asked to present at law schools, trial lawyer associates, and industry groups, and the firm’s partners teach a regular course at San Francisco State University on landlord-tenant law.

The firm puts on several continuing education programs each year to educate other attorneys on how to best represent tenants through litigation. They routinely propose and draft legislation at the local and state level to enhance legal protections for tenants. The firm’s lawyers volunteer many hours each year to support the legal needs of local housing and homelessness nonprofits. In 2021, the firm won the Aids Legal Referral Panel law firm of the year for its commitment to the community.

Tobener Ravenscroft Mission Statement

To lead the charge in obtaining justice and economic equity for California tenants who have experienced wrongful evictions, harassment, poor housing conditions, and discrimination.

Landlord Harassment

You have a fundamental right to live peacefully in your home. We protect tenants from landlord harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, and breaches of quiet enjoyment.

Our tenant lawyers have recovered millions on behalf of renters who have been harassed out of their rent-controlled homes.

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Landlord Harassment

Wrongful Eviction

Nobody should be allowed to take away someone’s home. We prosecute landlords who wrongfully evicted tenants without just cause or under false pretenses.

Our tenant lawyers have recovered millions on behalf of tenants who were wrongfully evicted in violation of rent control ordinances.

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Wrongful Eviction

Tenant Rights To Repairs

You have the right to a safe and habitable home. It might be their property, but it’s your home. We force owners and property managers to repair.

Our team of tenant lawyers has fought aggressively to recover money damages and make homes safe.

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Tenant's Right to Repairs

Landlord Sexual Harassment And Sex/Gender Discrimination

Taking legal action against a perpetrator can be a scary and complicated process. If you or someone you know has been the target of sexual misconduct or inappropriate statements by a landlord, or requests for sexual acts in lieu of rent, call Tobener Ravenscroft LLP to speak to a tenant rights attorney.

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Landlord Sexual Harassment

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