Author: Jacqueline Ravenscroft, JD.

Landlord Nuisance

03, Friday 2017

Nuisance Defined In a landlord-tenant context, a nuisance is the obstruction of the free use of rental property […]

Mobilehome Evictions

03, Monday 2013

California Mobilehome Homeowners: Rent Increases and Evictions Updated: June 3, 2013 What are the requirements governing rent increases […]

Mobilehome Repairs

13, Monday 2013

California Mobilehome Homeowners Repair Rights Owners of mobile homes live in a unique situation. First, they own their […]

San Francisco Ellis Act Evictions

13, Monday 2010

Ellis Evictions Under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance The Ellis Act allows a landlord to take a building […]

Owner Move-In Evictions

05, Sunday 2010

Know Your Rights in an Owner Move-In Eviction Owner Move-In Eviction is also often referred to as an […]

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