Author: Jacqueline Ravenscroft, JD.

Giant SF landlord Veritas threatens evictions

12, Tuesday 2022

Shortly after San Francisco renters celebrated a law that expands tenants’ rights, one of the city’s biggest landlords […]

The City of Palm Springs Rent Control Ordinance

13, Tuesday 2021

The City of Palm Springs Rent Control Ordinance protects tenants from unreasonable rent increases and unjustified terminations, but […]

The City Of Glendale Just Cause And Retaliatory Eviction Ordinance

05, Friday 2021

The City of Glendale recently enacted the Just Cause and Retaliatory Eviction Ordinance.  The ordinance prohibits eviction of […]

Covid-19: Eviction Protection in California During the Outbreak

01, Tuesday 2020

Tobener Ravenscroft understands the tumult that the coronavirus has caused to tenants throughout California.  To help tenants through […]

San Francisco Just Cause Eviction

11, Tuesday 2020

Eviction Protection Applies to Almost All Residential Units in San Francisco Newly constructed buildings (i.e. buildings built after […]

What Landlords Do Not Want You to Know Before You Sign Your Lease

26, Thursday 2019

As tenant lawyers, we are always on the lookout for dangerous lease clauses.  Renters should know what they […]

San Rafael Rent Control

18, Wednesday 2019

The City of San Rafael’s Rental Housing Dispute Resolution ordinance and Cause Required for Eviction ordinance went into […]

Renting an Illegal Unit in California

01, Monday 2018

What is an illegal, unwarranted, non-conforming, or unpermitted unit? Illegal units are dwellings that do not have the […]

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