Buyouts and Relocation Payments

Cost-Effective Advocacy
Skilled and Experienced Negotiation

Client-Centered Approach

We have negotiated successful buyouts for 100s of tenants in rent-controlled cities, including in San Francisco, Berkeley, Fremont and Oakland.

Managing attorney Joseph Tobener handles all buyouts personally.  Each buyout is unique, factoring in length of tenancy, history of evictions, tenant protections, desirability of neighborhood, building and unit size, bad/good faith of the landlord, and the landlord’s investment strategy.

Our office frequently partners with appraisers and TIC/condo experts to determine what a landlord stands to gain from a buyout.  The value of a buyout is affected by the TIC mortgage market, condo inventory, and the Bay Area real estate market generally.

We also take into account the value of the tenancy to our client.  This includes both the economic and personal consequences of a move-out.  Many of our clients have been in their homes for 20, 30 or even 40 years.

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