Oakland Buyout Ordinance

June 13, 2018

What units are covered by the Oakland Buyout Ordinance? The Oakland Buyout Ordinance applies to all residential rental units in Oakland, except publicly owned or operated rentals. What is my landlord required to do before approaching me about a buyout? The Oakland Buyout Ordinance requires landlords to provide each tenant in a rental unit with […] Read More

Negotiating Buyouts

September 2, 2010

Negotiating a Buyout in an Owner Move-in, Ellis Eviction, Relative Move-in or Capital Improvement Eviction Researching Your Landlord Before you negotiate a buyout, you need to know everything about the owners/relatives seeking to occupy your unit. You must do your research. See Proving Bad Faith in an Owner Move-in Eviction. You are not ready to […] Read More